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Peaceful Beginning

Birth and Baby Classes

About The Peaceful Birth Class

.Peaceful Birth Class

Class includes Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

Instructor - Cheryl Orengo, BS, ICCE

Private Class in the comfort of your home with your family, pets, and/or birth team  - I am now teaching affordable private classes online in the comfort of your home.  Pregnancy is a time to nurture yourself and get ready for labor, birth and your newborn baby. This 6 hour class will give you hands-on practice and knowledge about the entire birth process as well as caring for your newborn.  The class will help you to be stronger and more confident during labor, birth and with your newborn.  

If you need a refresher course, you are worried because you have already experienced birth or just have particular needs, a private class will be perfect for you.

I am able to teach online exactly what I taught in person. I teach knowledge and skills and help you with hands-on-practice to provide the best birth experience possible.  I can't promise you an easy birth, no one can, I can't promise that you will not have pain, no one can, but I can ease your fear of the unknown, and give you the tools to have a joyous birth no matter what situation arises.

I have been teaching childbirth and parent education for 38 years, led hundreds and hundreds of doula clients through labor and birth for over 33 years and I trained doulas for DONA International for 17 years so I teach my students the methods I taught my doula trainees. 

My peaceful birth and baby class will give you the tools to have a joyous birth and an easier postpartum creating happy memories of your first weeks with your newborn.


To learn more about having a joyous and empowering birth watch a

Normal Birth. 

One Day Peaceful Birth Class - learn to be a strong, confident, laboring woman so you can have the best birth possible with your trained birth partner!  A 6 hour private class in your living room and you can invite your birth team to join all for one affordable fee.

To schedule a private class by call me at:



My Peaceful Birth Class includes the following:

• important information about late pregnancy

• the process of labor and birth

• practice of labor positions and comfort measures for an easier labor and a labor that progresses well 

• medical procedures explained

• preparing for the day you give birth including: birth preferences (traditionally called a birth plan)

• what to expect at the hospital due to Covid-19

• postpartum and newborn care - breastfeeding, methods to quiet a crying baby, baby wearing lessons and great films.

• your class fee includes:  6 hour class, a complete 10 page syllabus of the class content and homework you can do with the class book (order on Amazon or purchase at a bookstore in Asheville NC, Malaprops.) 

• Questions? Call Cheryl at 828-776-3327

Fee for the virtual  private class: 

$120  - per couple plus family members, your birth team and/or your doula. Whomever you may want to join you.

The fee includes: 

  • 6 hour private class - two 3 hour sessions or one 6 hour class that works for all of us
  • A 10 page syllabus which includes homework
  • Followup assistance


The class book - Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn - Author Penny Simkin 2018. I strongly suggest that you purchase this book for class homework. The book is available from Amazon and at Malaprops in downtown Asheville NC. but it is not necessary to attend the class

Questions about the above class? Call Cheryl at 828-776-3327

Cheryl Orengo

Asheville, NC

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