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Peaceful Beginning

Birth and Baby Classes

About The Peaceful Birth Class

Peaceful Birth Class

Instructor - Cheryl Orengo


At the ripe young age of 70 I have decided to retire from all Birth Work. 

I waiting a long time for grandchildren and I care for my 4 year old granddaughter when my nurse midwife daughter is working and I will soon have a grandson at the end of October. 

I loved all of my work in public health and with families for the past 40+ years but now my emphasis is on my family.  I am blessed to be living in the same area with all of my immediate family.

Photos - above, my granddaughter and I and on the right, my two daughters and my granddaughter. 


Questions about doulas and classes.  Call Cheryl at 828-776-3327

Cheryl Orengo

Asheville, NC

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